Preset Constant Flow Regulators

Portagas offers unequaled quality and performance from its constant flow regulators. With their unique diaphragm design, these regulators will hold their preset flow, even as the cylinder pressure is depleted.

Series 100

Series 100 regulator

The Series 100 regulators from PortaGas are designed to maintain constant flow rates so you get real accurate monitor calibrations even as the cylinder pressure drops.

  • Knurled ON/OFF knob for easy grip with or without gloves
  • Rotate knob for audible ON/OFF click
  • No set screw on knob, meaning knob won’t strip out
  • Wide diaphragm design for precise flow control even as the cylinder pressure changes
  • Finer graduations for precise reading of cylinder contents
  • Stainless steel gauge
  • All wetted surfaces have proprietary passivated coating to ensure non-reaction with calibration gas
  • Wide choice of outlets and inlets available
  • Side outlet prevents tubing from kinking

Flow Matching Regulator

Flow Matching Regulator

PortaGas demonstrates a commitment to calibration innovation for the Environmental and Industrial Hygiene markets by being the first to develop a Flow Matching Regulator. Designed for instruments with sample draw pumps, the Flow Matching Regulator is an excellent solution to overcome the inconveniences of using sample bags or inefficient T-assemblies. The Flow Matching Regulator also provides excellent repeatability of sensor response to the calibration gas opposed to sampling bags.

  • When flow is matched ball will float in green zone
  • Patent pending design
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